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White Birch Tee Boxes

The white birch tee boxes at the Shattuck are designed for the first time Shattuck golfer, senior golfers, longer hitting lady golfers and higher handicap golfers. A bit shorter than the white tee boxes and a bit longer than the red and gold tee boxes, this beautiful set of tee boxes offers majestic views, awesome fairway angles and fun around every corner.

The White Birch Tees were developed in collaboration by our members and staff to increase enjoyment of the Shattuck for the average golfer. They provide an enjoyably enhanced Shattuck experience and, while retaining the character of The Shattuck, they present a softer face. Conceived as alternative white tees, they lead to greater satisfaction for the typical golfer with fewer long, forced carries, clearer fairway views, new angles and more opportunities for birdies.

Player’s Guide

Helpful tips to help you play The Shattuck (the conventional course, not the White Birch Tee Boxes)

Hello, and welcome to The Shattuck Golf Club. Thank you for visiting us today. You are about to play one of the most interesting, scenic and challenging golf courses in New England.

This “Player’s Guide” has been prepared to make your round of golf more enjoyable. This beautifully designed course is full of hazards and challenges, not all visible from the teeing ground. Because of this we have instituted a target system.

A great deal of thought and course knowledge have been put into determining a target spot on each hole, which is marked by a 4 foot tall yellow target post. These target posts have been placed primarily in the safest, widest part of the fairway landing area.

Each post has been measured via laser from the back edge of each tee box. This measurement is meant as a guide, leaving the player room to play longer or shorter. However, playing beyond the post may increase the risk of penalty. In addition, the yardage is also provided from the target post to the center of each green. In order to facilitate club selection, players will also find the depth of the green. Due to the size of the greens, we have found the best course of action is to play to the center of the greens.

The following guide will help you to have an enjoyable round. The Gold tees are positioned to avoid the hazards and may be best played by beginners or golfers who are not comfortable with carrying the ball for any distance. The tees requiring the least amount of carry to clear hazard areas are the Green tees (handicaps of 9 to 30). The maximum required carry in the air is 60 yards. Players of all abilities will enjoy a challenge from our White tees (handicaps of 14 to 26) with a maximum carry of 84 yards. From the Blue tees (handicaps of 4 to 13), players need to be able to carry the ball up to 156 yards in the air to clear some hazard areas from the tee, which probably would supply all the challenge one would like. Even the best professionals have trouble from our great black tees; therefore it is recommended that Black tee players have a handicap of 3 or less. Players hitting from the black tees will need to carry the ball up to 212 yards in the air to clear hazard areas from the tee. For the most pleasant round of golf, we would advise you to pick the appropriate tees for your ability.

Enjoy your round of golf here at the Shattuck. Please let us know how we can assist you. Enjoy your day.

– The Sterling Golf Management Team